Wednesday, January 14, 2009

an open letter to my husband

Dear H-town,

I know you don't read the blog very often. I don't know if you'll read this. But here goes.

Last night you made a funny face when K was browsing east side bride on his iphone and cooing about the cute grooms.

It's true I have gained a reputation for groom style (ie. I obsessively post photos of men on my blog). But I want you to know that while I'm scouring the internet for said photos, deep down I'm hunting for ones that remind me of you.

The mustache thing is obvious. But then there's my fondness for men with long 70's hair, my admiration of men who can rock a good fedora, and perhaps above all else, my adoration for a man with a sense of humor. (Wit, after all, is the most important component of style.)

I will never stop looking at men. But now I appreciate in them what I love in you.

You've got the forever, all-time, groom-style-of-my-heart award. Just so you know.



  1. So awesome. You're an inspiration. And thank god for your groom style posts! They've encouraged us to go bold or go home :) Thanks, to H-town for his patience :)

  2. Awe, so sweet! H-town is one lucky dude.

  3. dearest esb,

    Don't remember why I made a funny face at that instant but I'm sure it had nothing to do with your impeccable culling of groom style.

    You are performing an important service for all us cool guys who need a little help getting dressed and the women who love us.

    That said, your words were not lost on me and I thank you for the award. I hereby ceremonially bestow the perpetual, extra prestigious double whammy best bride style & wedding design awards from the htown institute to you, my all time favorite blogger.

  4. Anytime you want to loan out your long haired, mustached, fedora-wearing man you just let me know. In exchange, I can provide a disheveled geek that does a mean moon dance.

  5. Well done on communicating incredibly sweet sentiments without sounding a bit cheesy. Thanks for sharing your letter. Htown must rock. You too!

  6. i need to mark this day down on my calendar, pretty sure this amount of mush don't show up publically around here often regardless of how much we love it.

  7. you are such a good wife!

    Guess what? my brother lives in spokane and he and his gf drove the 395 down for to mammoth for christmas. they said it was beautious too.

    also, your hubs is witty. maybe he needs a blog?

  8. ALSO, isn't it kind of sexy to call your hubs, husband?

  9. I smiled at that last sentence. Ear to ear;)