Monday, January 12, 2009

I die

Garance told us she owns

three short-sleeved striped shirts,
two long-sleeved striped shirts
two round-necked striped pullovers,
and one striped cardigan.

But Joslyn had to go and take a picture of her own closet. Just to rub it in.

And me with my one striped Velvet tee I'm running into the ground.

p.s. The stripes are almost precisely this color, now that they have faded.

p.p.s. Shirt, I don't know if I tell you often enough how much I love you. Even if you do have four, fuck! five, growing holes in your front. I hand wash you! Why would you do me like that?


  1. each time i put on stripes, i feel happy.

  2. Stripes are my favourite, my very favourite. I don't have any at the moment though, all of my stripy tops wore out at once. I think I need to go shopping

  3. i was just reading about french women and stripes thanks to garance ....

    i too love stripes, want to dress like a french woman, and have asked mas if i learn to speak french might we be able to move there next?

  4. Oh, I know. This picture inspired so much jealousy.

  5. You're genius with this s#it, lady! Seriously. I love the stripes, too.

  6. Your pps made me snort White Russian out my nose... it's cool, though. It was a happy kind of burning... One more post like that and I am clearly sending you some link love over at Come on by, anytime! Bring your friends!