Monday, January 12, 2009

Speaking of dressing like a French woman....

Check out my French men's sneakers. Xmas gift for the spoiled wombat from her infinitely patient husband.

On December 26, we trecked all over the east village. I dug a pair of YMC sneakers at Odin, a men's store with a modern/hipster/goth aesthetic, but they don't carry any sizes below 8.

H-town called around, which led us to Tani on the upper west side. And once I spotted the Bensimon high tops, I had eyes for no one else.

Thank you, French men, for having small feet. And impeccable taste. I am done with Converse for good.

p.s. Do you need more angles? There are more.

(Product shots by H-town)


  1. Don't like 'em...I LOVE 'EM!!!!! And want some for myself!

  2. ummm. nice kicks lady.

    and hello blogger of the day ... that was a lot of posting you did my friend.