Thursday, January 15, 2009

iPhone here I come

H-town and are about to bite the bullet. We just can't hold back any longer. (I think all that time in new york without internet is what really put us over the top.)

And who knew you could take such gorgeous photos?

Kristina keeps blowing me away. She took this one on the 395. Our honeymoon route. Sigh.

p.s. This piece on npr made me giggle yesterday. When I've got my new phone in my hot little hands I might have to institute the no texting after dinner rule. Or will it be no emailing after dinner?


  1. agh. I Have been seriously wrestling with this for two days. I had decided to re-sign my verizon contract, securing another 2 years of no iphone consumption. then i remembered that while i would not be buying an i phone, i would still be consuming some other crappy phone to replace the crappy phone i have now since they die every two years, and so i am not lessening my consumption by going without the iphone, i am just going without. crap. [oh, and not spending the money, too i guess]

    i am back to being an undecided wrestler. thanks.

    ps. ben left doesn't have a cell phone. [but he still wants an iphone anyway.]

  2. I've loved both my iPhones. I had the first one and just HAD to replace it when the 3G came out. I wish I had waited, because I loved the 1st gen. a whole lot more, but they're both still great. Best phone I've ever had.

    The story about the text messages in hilarious. I couldn't imagine doing that. She must be on the phone all night. They really shouldn't let her take it to school. What could she possibly be learning with all the texting she's having to do?

  3. desert, this was precisely my dilemma. Verizon Wireless has served me well and I resisted switching. But my old LG has barely made it to the two-year point. And H-town found reconditioned 3Gs on the ATT&T website for $150 instead of $200. (F* Verizon anyway. Apple offered them the iphone and they turned it down.)

  4. i love my iphone ... love it, as in can't and won't live without it. but you must recognize that with the phone comes constant contact with EVERYTHING. it is quite overwhelming and at first ridiculously addictive. i wish you and htown the best ").

  5. oh and two words ...

    camera bag

    it is so worth the $3.00

  6. cevd, i fear the constant contact. it's why I held back for so long. but maybe it will allow me to walk *away* from my computer without worrying that i'm missing something?

  7. oh, thank for posting nomi!

    seriously i've had my iPhone since the dawning of iPhone and it is truly the greatest device ever made. There is no other point & shoot camera i'd rather use at this point. largely due to camera bag, as christine points out.

    I would even suck it up and get a NEW iPhone if they upped the megapixels in the camera.

    you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

  8. are you worried about the lack of warranty with the refurb?

  9. iPhone..go for it! I'm not disappointed with mine:D

    ...470 text messages a day,huh?
    I'm going to have to add a budget will not be able to handle that!

    P.S.::You have been nominated.
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  10. re warranty: you can extend through apple. i have a refurbished ipod that has lasted me forevs. i actually have this bias that refurbished is better. the kinks have been worked out ;)