Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What should I put on my head?

Dear ESB,

I'm having a smallish, city hall type wedding in Melbourne, Australia in late April followed by a very long lunch with lots of wine and cocktails at one of our favourite restaurants with our immediate family and a handful of close friends. 

I've found the dress and a necklace but I have no idea what to wear on my head. My brain hurts from looking at bridal websites and I have Etsy fatigue! Since you and your readers have impeccable taste, I would appreciate any suggestions.


Anyone feel like shopping this for me?

I'm swimming with the sea lions today. Or drinking margaritas or whatever.

Photos: Michelle Williams for Band of Outsiders Spring 2012 Collection via Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. I'm having the same dilemma. I am currently thinking either a) nothing but a great blowdry, b)a plain hairband thing, kind of 1960s and with maybe c) a mini veil thing that gets whipped off after the ceremony (c may get ditched sometime soon)

    Your dress looks lovely and chic and simple, and the necklace is great so I wouldn't go nuts on top.

  2. With that beautiful necklace, I feel like a simple gold barrette would be very nice - something that mimics the layered quality of the necklace perhaps. The dress is simple and classic, so I wouldn't go crazy (and I'm assuming you don't want a veil, which may be part of the dilemma).

  3. A thin headband/ribbon like this is all you need. The necklace is such an awesome piece, you don't want your face to get lost between that and a big headpiece! Add red lips and a clutch and done. If that doesn't feel fancy or bridal enough, maybe a comb but I think it could compete with the necklace!

  4. I agree that you probably don't want much else happening up top, since the necklace might be statement enough. You may want to consider just going without, or with something small. If you're doing an updo, maybe something like this would be cute.

  5. With the great necklace there's so much visual interest in the front, so you probably don't need anything on your head that can be seen head-on. However, it would be a nice surprise to have something that is primarily viewed from the back - perhaps a low bun/chignon with a small simple flower or small circlet of ivy tucked around it.

  6. I'm not sure based on what you've asked whether you wanted a veil-type thing and couldn't find something you liked/you thought looked right, or if you wanted a non-veil option. In case you wanted a veil, I could see thisworking, or this one if you like to be less understated than the very tasteful suggestions of some of the other ladies might have you be.

    Just keep in mind that your necklace is a lot of embellished, so whatever you pick should be simple in design and not visually busy in any way.

  7. I LOVE those images of Michelle Williams for Band of Outsiders, wow.

    I am getting a 60s vibe from the gown, and the necklace is your statement piece, so I'd keep the hair simple. You could wear it in a low bun, and add a simple black ribbon. Like so. Or, if you opt to have a professional stylist do it, you could request a double French twist! (no accessories needed.) xo.

  8. @esb, just be careful not to get your blackberry too close to those sea lions. look what happened to poor shakira.

  9. nothing! i wasn't planning on wearing any sort of veil, headpiece, or anything until the day of the wedding. i got married in a garden and there were a bunch of white medium sized flowers, and i was able to clip some for my hair! it was super last minute, super simple, but i actually still have them...all dried up :)

    here's a pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/verticalhouse/3547712460/in/set-72157604140381256

    good luck deciding! i also agree that ban.do has some killer pieces.

  10. Thanks for all the extremely helpful advice! My mind was numb from all the different variations of feathers, rhinestones and froufrou so thank you for all the suggestions of simple things to put on my head.

  11. I like the idea of simple or nothing, but let's talk about the fact that you live in the greatest city in the world. Where are you having lunch - your options are ENDLESS. -- jealous across the ditch in Wellington

    1. We are pretty blessed in Melbourne with great places to eat. I love Wellington too though and luckily get the opportunity to get across for work every now and then.

      We're having lunch in North Melbourne at a small French restaurant called Libertine where we've eaten on numerous special occasions. Lovely food, great service, and totally un-stuffy.

  12. damn, @amy beat me to my shakira comment. well played!

  13. I know I'm a little late here, but I dont think you need anything on your head. LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE! It's the bomb. And it really is all the accessory you need.

    Unless you NEED something on your head. Then do a very demure headband or wrap or something. No veils, itll be too much.