Thursday, February 23, 2012

i’m alive!!!!!!

i survived 72 hrs on a 45ft boat with 4 strangers over 65 and no wifi.

came THIS CLOSE to a blue whale, saw dolphins dolphins dolphins and s n a r k l e d with sea lions.

drank too much tequila.

and i re-learned how to read a book. as in, REALLY read a book. not just flip pages in between tweets.

in related news: i'm super glad i didn't bring my laptop. the "working vacation" turned into a vacation after all.


  1. that sounds awesome. as a water baby i applaud your seamanship- (especially in close proximity to old farts) i wouldn't have lasted.

    & i'm so glad snarkle caught on :)

  2. i'm not gonna lie... i've spent the last few days VERY WORRIED.

    i want pics of dolphins stat.

  3. coooooooooooool.


  4. Can I talk you into doing a travel post on Baja? The fiance and I are looking into that area for our honeymoon and I'd love to hear about what you did, where you went, etc. etc. etc.

  5. AHHH BLUE WHALE! So amazing!!! They are my theoretical favorite, because I've still never actually seen one, just the model in the museum of natural history... so cool!!

  6. wait, you saw a blue whale [rarely seen in the wild]? In Baja? Or a grey whale......?

    biology nerd here, just checkin'....

    1. just you wait until we put up the blue whale footage

  7. holy shit. i hope you're not kidding about posting footage ! WOW !!

  8. WHAT. Yes, footage. That is amazing.