Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I've discovered the cure for writer's block

Lie in bed with a pad + pencil on the floor next to you.

That's it. 

Just lie there.

Allow yourself to doze.

Pretty soon you'll be writing stuff down, I swear to god.

NOTE: Your phone must be off and way the hell in the other room. No tweeting/checking email. This is an exercise in zen.

DIY Pixel Painting from Wit & Whistle via Pennyweight via Rachel Arnold


  1. frack. what if you just fall into a deep sleep?

  2. I always mean to put paper and pencil on my nightstand as I always (okay, sometimes) have brilliant ideas right before I fall asleep, and of course never remember them in the morning.

  3. forget the creativity exercises, man, i'm working on my pixel painting. (not figuratively.)

  4. I always thought the cure was an exorbitant amount of Maker's.

  5. Right now I have serious writer's block -- I'm trying to write a very technical scientific paper. Somehow I don't think your method will work in my case.

    But in the name of experimentation I'm willing to try.

  6. I do this all the time. My fiance thinks I've gone catatonic when he finds laying in bed, staring at the ceiling.

  7. That just makes me sleepy. And I can sleep ALL DAY LONG.

    1. no, THE PAD. the pad is magic.

      also, THE PENCIL.