Tuesday, February 7, 2012

on the Catbird set

I can't tell you how much fun we all had making our short.

Can this man rock jewelry, or can he rock jewelry??

I didn't even notice the heart tattoo when I cast him. (And by "cast him," I mean..... accosted him on the Lower East Side two days before the shoot and made him PROMISE TO CALL ME. Thank fuck he did.)

We ladies almost died when he started trying on wedding bands.

Funny story.

Teepee's mama told me that bananas were her favorite food, so all day we kept trying to use bananas to get Teepee to jump up on the bed and interrupt the smooching.

No go.

That is one polite chihuahua.

It was finally a little bit of leftover BEEF from my nacho lunch that did the trick.

And Anya is adorable, no? I knew we had the right girl when H's friends kept asking him if they could see ALL THE FOOTAGE.

Photos by Cary Tijerina


  1. I could totes go for some more pics of that dude.

  2. You done good, lady. you done reallllllllll good.

    and I could totes go for some more pics of Anya.

  3. i could totes go for more pics of TEEEEPEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  4. Rob I think you needs to go to a different website...this is not a googly at hot women one. Just sayin

    1. we are equal-opportunity googlers around here.

  5. You do have a very cute dog. I have my chihuahua too way back then, but she died at the age of 8, I event don't know what's the finding of the doctor's on that time.

  6. @onmyhand what's wrong with Rob saying that?? All the chics can talk about how hot the guy is, but he can't say the same thing. sexist.