Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet My Chukkas

Can a woman who owns a caftan *also* rock chukka boots?

The answer is a resounding YES.

My friend Katherine (of Pierrepont Hicks fame) asked me if I'd like to test drive a pair of chukkas from @mrsphicks, her most excellent new line of menswear-inspired footwear for women.

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY ever since my desperate attempt to get a pair of free Bensimons.

I know. Sad.

Anyhoo. My chukkas arrived two weeks ago, and I basically haven't taken them off since.

Srsly. They are now MOLDED TO MY FEET. So fucking comf.

I've been hoping for a little rain to test em out in, but it keeps clearing up on me before I ever make it out of the house. I guess I'll have to report back.

Katherine linked me over to this "Save Your Suede" handbook, but she's not making any guarantees about water-proofed-ness. Me, I plan to rough it. The rain doesn't come down all that hard around here. And only wusses protect the suede on their CHUKKAS.

The shoes themselves are guaranteed for life. If you find a defect or in two years the soles wear a little too much, you can send them to straight back to @mrsphicks herself and she will fix em up. No charge.

p.s. Burnt orange suede chukka coming soon....


  1. I love those. and if I may brag for a minute, Bensimon held a contest late last year for a free pair of shoes and I TOTALLY WON.

  2. these are badass. kinda like YOU.

  3. well damn. it rains A LOT here.

  4. i love them even more now that i saw the other views. need. NEED.

  5. this is my favorite kind of post, thanks for sharing! i trust you in all things ever since that lube recommendation...