Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pleez help the crazy lady shop for shoes

Good morning ESB,

This is about shoes and desperation and a plea for help. 

I'm a fairly tall bride at 5'10'' so I don't really need to wear heels. I'm also a bride with Morton's neuromas in both feet, actually in my right foot I have two, so I actually can't wear heels. 

I have been searching since my engagement in May 2010 for lovely flat shoes. It's my wedding, so I would like to wear some nice shoes and not the usual excruciatingly unfashionable orthopaedic ones I have to wear. I have seen shoes come and go. Three times I have found shoes which I love, only to have them cruelly (dramatic license here) snatched from me.

1. Steve Madden I-Dreemy - ordered in March 2011, never made it through customs. Now out of stock in my size.

2. Aruna Seth's butterfly ballet flats with a 20% discount - I phone to place my order, they don't have any in my size in stock, but will call me back when they do. Right as rain, a few weeks later I receive a call back to say that the shoes are in stock in my size, but by the way the price has now gone up by £100 (I sh*t you not) and would I still like to order them? Grrrr.

3. Just last Friday I ordered the low Darcy in pale pink from Beatrix Ong in their sale. I just got an email to say that although they were in stock when I placed my order there was a problem with the website and now they don't have any shoes to send me. I cried.

I am nearing the end of my tether. I have a budget of £100 to £150 which I think is about $150 to $200. I have size 7UK (9US, 40EU) feet. I need your and your stylish readers' help. Please.

Crazy lady who keeps shouting at her feet in shoe shops


Feel like helping out you guys?

I'm on a deadline today. Trying to stay off the old internets.


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  1. Tom's has just released their ballet flat collection (as of today!)- they're pretty cute and guaranteed to be comfortable. Plus, they're about $79 and they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need with each pair sold. I promise I'm not affiliated with the company, just a satisfied customer. :)

    1. Buy these if you really like them as shoes but please don't think you are saving the world by giving shoes to kids in Africa - Toms is essentially the definition of Bad Aid (and for the amount of markup on these very simple shoes there is so much more the company could do)

    2. How about, instead of buying Tom's, buy some shoes that are actually remotely cute and then donate some money to an org that actually does good stuff? That would be way better for everyone involved.

      These are sweet and girly and ethical.

    3. How about we stick to the point and solely suggest shoes? It'll be up to the bride where she buys her shoes and what cause she wants (if she even wants) to donate to.

    4. @Anon we like ranting about Tom's around here. it's kind of a thing.

  2. So, you're in the UK, yes? What about ASOS?

    1. Nice looking out! First place I scoped out for her, too.

  3. These Paul Mayer flats seem like your style. £142.

  4. Are you srs ESB? You offered up something to the self-indulgent way-too-many-bracelets-come-on bride but not the woman that ACTUALLY needs assistance?

  5. Adding one more pair of sparkle flats:

    melissa's are so comfy, last forever, smell like bubblegum!

  6. Not sure if these are delicate enough, but noticed the nice sale price and they seem to be left in your size. Totally understand having foot issues and not being able to wear certain shoes. Would sandals be an option? Can we see the dress?

  7. What does your dress look like? Here are some versatile options:

    Gold flats, on sale for $148.

    Two toned white flats, $64.

    White ostrich-y flats, about $166.

    Ivory oxfords, $94.95.

    @Lauren, for you ;) Glitz oxfords, $38.

    1. +! for the ostrich - i LOVE my french soles, they're so so comfortable

  8. Alas I don't know how to do proper links but these £100 flats from NetaPorter look like they'd fit the bill:
    Or what about this from Kate Kanzier? Yes they really are that cheap, don't discount them on that basis - if you don't know about Kate Kanzier you're missing out.

  9. So far, the previous posts have been really good! In my opinion, they all have really great and diverse suggestions.

    American Eagle Outfitters has BC shoes, Sam Edelemans and Steve Maddens for less than $100. Don't know how long that will be for...

    Also awesome...
    1. BC Limousines
    2.BC It's a Cinch
    3.Vibrant Glitter (was also a pick from a reader up ^^)
    4.Valerie Slower Slingbacks
    5.High-Shine Flats
    6.Real Go-Glitter Flats
    7.Madden Girl Glitters

    The last aren't flats, but don't afraid to where a little heal on your wedding day just because you're 5'10!! Own it girl! Be the towering goddess that you are.

    1. Did you even read the post? She isn't looking for flats because she's afraid to be a "towering goddess". She needs flats because she has a medical condition that normally requires the use of orthotics.

      Zappos has fantastic sorting capabilities on their website. They also have free shipping and returns, so you can order and try on. How about one of these?

      Ankle strap, lots of colors
      cut-out details
      Frye hand-woven leather
      gold edging

  10. I got these ( Steve Madden Heaven Glitter Flats from DSW. I checked online, and they're available in your size and can be shipped internationally.


    I got these in a US 9 and they're cute and comfortable. Plus, Nordstrom is the bomb dot com for shipping (no fees).

  12. Carvela (Kurt Geiger brand) is seriously good for beautiful flats and they sell some of them in Topshop:

    nude velvet with pearls

    satin bow and sparkles

    muchos silver sparkles

    purple with gems

    There are more. I nearly bought the first one, in blue velvet with black sparkles and closed toe, they were SO beautiful but not in my size. I still want them a year and a half later! Ridiculous.

  13. @ActsofBeauty I was going to suggest Kurt Geiger too, but you beat me to it.

    I have to say I think a lot of Kurt Geiger shoes are awful. 12cm stripper heels you can't walk in. But they are actually surprisingly good for smart lower heeled or flat shoes. The shops only seem to do the high heels, so I recommend buying multiple pairs online and returning what you don't like.

    This is in fact what I did for my wedding shoes. I needed low heeled shoes (not flats) for my wedding, as my husband is a bit of a short-arse and had various other very specific requirements and Kurt Geiger had the exact shoes I needed. They were also incredibly comfortable. In fact my KG wedding shoes remain by far my most comfortable smart shoes.

  14. From one tall sister (5'11 w/ size 12 shoes) to another, has great flats, golds and very wedding. Hope this helps. xoxoxoGB

  15. Oh my gosh it's the crazy bride here! Wow thanks ESB and everyone for suggestions I am now going to do lots of clicking and review them. Also sorry for the delay.........English time and all that.........

  16. Crazy bride again, dress is Charlotte Balbier Pixie in Blush Ivory - not the white ivory. I'm super pale, and wearing white makes me look rather ill.

    Anna the Paul Mayer flats are very much my style, thank you!

    I did try the super sparkly KG Lolly flats however the bow is really huge and I didn't reckon it would facilitate ease of movement if it was catching on the lacy bit of my dress.

  17. Crazy bride again again, I have to dash off to a conference but I just wanted to say thank you all so much! I will be reviewing everything when I get in this evening.

  18. Tieks! They're at the upper end of your budget, but they are SO comfortable and if you get a sparkly colour they'll look totally rad. They'll also look totally rad if you just go with white or cream or some other colour too. I searched for size 11 flats with a bendy sole for A YEAR before caving and buying these, and now my only regrets are that a) I waited so long and b) I didn't buy 2-3 pairs at once.

  19. Helloooo it's me the crazy foot lady again. I have, with your help, narrowed my choices down to the following:
    Paul Mayer sparkly mesh flats - which are quite a fave because they are a similar material to the Beatrix Ong ones.....
    KG glittery bow ones
    Melissa sparkle ones - though I worry I would get sweaty and therefore very slippy squeaky foot....that's my main worry about the rubber shoes. And I can't find the pinkish ones for sale in the UK and I would really like to try them before I buy them because I have never worn elly rubber shoes (ok apart from jelly shoes when I was wee) and see above fears.

    KG pinky satin bow with sparkle - quite liking the look of these, I think they must be new ish because I don't remember seeing them online earlier in January!

    Plus I have to say I am definitely more inclined to go with some UK based shoes because I actually think I might have some sort of shoe related breakdown if I order some from the states and they don't arrive.

    Marais USA white and nude flats I like these because they have great post wedding potential, for work, for play.

    BC silver metallic flats - was liking these but I just saw that they only ship them to the US. Bum.

    I think with the UK shoes I am going to do as Cici suggested and order all the UK ones that are in my size, test them out at home and go from there.

    Yay! Feeling soooo much better!

    1. I think all those shoes look great, and you'll be able to choose the perfect shoes from that selection.
      I've gotta say I would have have the same worries about the jelly shoes. I never really got the whole Vivienne Westwood jelly shoes with the big heart that a lot of brides seem to like - because, yuck, foot sweat. How would you dance in them?

      I'd also take the whole comfort factor into account - with flats you'll be mostly ok, but I've had flats that pinched or were sliiightly too big or small & it's just as much of pain as uncomfy heels. Especially with your foot issues. I definitely think having extremely comfortable yet awesome shoes is KEY.

  20. Marais! Marais!!!
    The bow-toe type is adorrrable, but does tend to elongate an already-longish foot. The Marais, on the other hand, does the opposite with its 2 tones. Just my 2 cents, but truly all your top options are lovely. Good luck!