Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tips for the Professional Blogger #1

When on a "working vacation," DO NOT leave your laptop at home.

Not even if said "working vacation" is in Mexico and you thought it would be a good idea for you to "unplug" or whatever and just share your husband's laptop.

Not a good idea.

(Blogger, your iphone app sucks.)


  1. why can't you just share with the husband? is he not good at sharing his things?

  2. sharing a laptop is an unsustainable idea. i don't know why you people think it's possible.

  3. I agree for everyday purposes, but sharing a laptop while on vacation is completely feasible. One person can be on while the other is reading or changing, or doing something else... please tell me other people read and do other stuff on holiday besides tweeting and surfing the net?!

  4. @Anons this is for real a working vacation. did my air quotes throw you off?

    1. hah, yes to be honest! I really did think you meant 'working' as in, casual blogging in between cocktails. a) I've been corrected. b) I don't think I could do a working vacation, my brain just shuts off work mode into play mode.