Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What do Angelenos wear in DECEMBER?

Dear ESB,

I've studied the What To Do In LA series (there are FIVE POSTS!) but I need you to tell me what to wear the last week in December so everyone won't know I'm from Seattle.



During the day, when the temps range from 63-72, rock a scarf with a short-sleeved tee. To an Angeleno, anything below 73 = CHILLY and anyway scarves make us feel like we have SEASONS!

(A beanie, or "toque" as I prefer to call it, given my Canadian roots, is worn year-round by the LA dude. It does not signify winter.)

At night, when the temps range from 39-46, do not dress warmly enough. Instead, act like whatever I'M WEARING MY OPEN-TOED SANDALS and just throw on a parka. Which you will wear all night, wherever you go, because none of the old houses are properly heated/insulated and all the restaurants will seat you outside.

Also: If water should happen to fall from the sky, don't get all daredevil and act like you know how to drive in it. That will give you away for sure.

Photo by Maya of Turned Out
Note: H says, "Remind your husband not to comment on the open-toed sandals."


  1. Also, when it's say, 67, don't forget to constantly remark on how very cold it is (add exclamation points to your voice).

  2. Don't worry, Seattle drivers can't drive in rain either.

  3. maybe just don't wear buffalo plaid & we won't guess your seattle roots?

  4. wait a second... there are closed toe sandals?

  5. I wish there was a way to 'like' this post.

  6. @hk, yes, they are universally unattractive in a major way

    see for yourself

  7. @Miss K @hk i still think these are cute

  8. rainbows (the shows not the thing in the sky)

  9. yeah, i used to think people in LA didn't know how to drive in the rain either. then i moved to the bay area... these people don't know how to drive under any and all weather circumstances.

  10. @esb how did i miss that post- they're fantastic!

    and idk... there's still AIR getting in there- i say sandals=never closed toed

    & @miss k, those are just a step above jesus shoes.

  11. oh, nvm. judging by my hell yes comment on that post i didn't miss it.

  12. pride myself in the open toe all year. love putting on a scarf, cause not only does it make me feel like we have seasons, it also makes me feel FRENCH.

    you nailed it esb.


  13. @esb, I stand corrected. Those are adorable.