Friday, December 9, 2011

plant bulbs in fall for spring flowers


It's a metaphor, silly.

And: A new blog of the week(ish).

I've had a blog crush (hell, a crush crush) on SAIPUA for forevs. She runs her own business, she takes gorg photos, SHE DOES NOT SHY AWAY FROM A DANCE PARTY. Blahblahblah.

But what I rly admire is the way Sarah talks directly to ME when I'm surfing the web at 12:39am, looking for Idontknowwhat, a fucking post for tomorrow is what I was looking for, let's be honest. When I really should be getting cracking on my next project.

Photo by Sarah Ryhanen


  1. I got rly scared and thought you grew a green thumb.

  2. i have a green thumb. and yes, i plant bulbs. lots of 'em.

    love the new blog of the week(ish).


  3. pretty sure you just found me a new favorite blog. :-D

  4. Well then. If you put a period at the end it's just a sentence.

  5. It's a metaphor. You're referring to one thing as another. Or broadly, it's figurative language. And the way it's written, as a concise phrase of advice or a rule for living, it is aphoristic and could reasonably be argued to be an aphorism, though not a proverb, an adage, or an old saw which would mean it was an established and oft repeated phrase. (Those suggesting euphemism may be using a malapropism or a form of acyrologia [if you rly want to get into rhetorical jargon] for aphorism.)

    Yeah, more than anyone cared. Sorry.

  6. I love her blog and I admire her work so much. I've always felt that you two would be fast friends.