Tuesday, December 20, 2011

They're heeeeeeere: CHIHUAHUA IN A FAUX FUR wedding pics!!!

(click to enlarge)

Okay, yeah. So basically I am obsessed with Parker.  But me melodia + the new hubs are pretty cute, too.

It was a fluke 86 degrees in Boston in October. Say Byebye to my fox stole.

I wanted to go with a cabinet of wonder theme. Bones, geodes and curiosities.

The boy had his suit custom made. Yay Irish tweeds and vintage buttons. (Poor guy didn't think it'd be that warm.)

I went for a simple raw silk nautical inspired dress (Jorge Manuel). I'm sorta considering recycling. I'd like some splurge cash and I'm sure the gown would make someone happy.

Anyways, we got married in the largest bird sanctuary in the NE, the John James Audubon Habitat in Belmont, MA. Lots of flora and fauna.

We borrowed a 57 porsche speedster... We were pleased to spot a huge buck on our newlywed drive. So sexy.

After the wedding we went back to the Lenox Hotel, smooched on the rooftop and then were surprised by love knots left on our bed. The last shot is us in our "Judy Garland" suite. The door was so bling that it had a camera. 

The guys we worked with just "got us." They gave us the flat Victorian marital portrait shot we wanted. Just perfect!


(Photos by Avena Studios. Check out a bunch more here and here)


  1. that pup is just everything. and their wedding isn't half bad either. yay sox!

  2. Best wedding/couple ever! I'm kicking myself for not attending. WTF was I thinking?!?!

  3. Now THIS is a wedding! So cool I can't stand it.

  4. They win. At everything. The end.

  5. you borrowed a 57 porsche speedster?

    who do you know?

  6. wow, this is a damn beautiful wedding.

  7. Whoa! Thanks for the warm and fuzzies.
    Thank you ESB for showcasing our nuptials. <3

    @Rob: thanks, dude. He stressed over designing it. He went for a Gatsby as Thoreau, meets Boardwalk .

    @HK: Parker for the win!

    @Hillary: *blushes* I'm sure you'd look stunning

    @K_Darling: high five

    @Gracie: you fucking said it. I spilled some whiskey on the grond for you. Can 2012 please be our webstie year?

    Cereb: <3 x10

    @Nicole: Hardly, but thank you! I appreciate everyones compliments.

    @ABBFT: It's called Craigslist. We made ourselves sound like a big deal. Pretending to be a big shot gets you alot of free stuff apparently. Who knew?

    @Angela: Thank you. We feel so lucky.

  8. @Melissa Blake: You're so sweet. :-)

  9. @me melodia, where did he have it done?

  10. @Rob @memelodia yeah, i wanna know too

  11. where did you get parker's fur?

    why aren't there more pictures? i want more pictures.


  12. @cevd oh alight, i'll indulge

    more more more!

    Ps- the faux fur coat for our fur-less pup is Juicy. It was our first wedding present. Our friends apparently know us pretty well. #chiobsessed

  13. i love every bit of this. EVERY BIT.

  14. loveeeeeeee. so happy for the cummings. ferris seriously needs to host a reunion so that we can all meet in person.

  15. i just came back to say, "PARKIE!!!!!!!"

  16. I am so glad you shared the rest of the photos. They only got better! Every detail was hot and your pics... sexy.

  17. @Raenovate- a meet up must happen. Hopefully next time we're in NYC we can all hang. Any Friend of Ferris', who's blog and instagram I lurk- is a friend of mine.

    @ABBFT: Aw Shucks!
    Parks approves of all the Enthusiasm!