Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December = time to get a haircut

Remember when I was blathering about music and movies and projects last spring? This is my leading lady/muse Melia Renee on set for the short film I directed. (I know I know, it was a lot of blathering for a ten minute movie. Which is not even close to finished.)

Anyhoo, the day before we started shooting I freaked out and decided Melia's hair needed attention. My lady Alexis graciously cleared her schedule for us, very calmly deciphered my ramblings (I believe I said something about wanting to make Melia into "the new Winona Ryder") and gave Melia this slammin haircut.


  1. that is one lovely leading lady... i love that you wanted to make her 'the new winona ryder'. love. love. love.

  2. i just got my hair cut like that. but somehow it still looks like a mop.


  3. you've inspired me to take some action. i am in desperate desperate need of a post wedding haircut.

    but i have a feeling i will come out looking nothing like winona ryder, old or new.

  4. yayy! totally going to get my haircut today.

  5. ohhh super cute hair!

    what DO YOU DO esb? you're a mysterious lady :)