Saturday, December 5, 2009

one more day of Unique LA!

I've been looking forward to Unique LA for months, and today I wasn't disappointed. Exhibit A: Baby Porcupine print by Sharon Montrose.

Seriously awesome. Visit her etsy shop to see the Baby Raccoon, the Otter, the Reindeer.... All of em. We didn't buy anything from Sharon, but I already regret not picking up a few sets of Hoofstock bookmarks to give as wee xmas presents. (And speaking of awesome: check out The Dog Photo Booth.)

Next up, the Perpetual Gardening Calendar from Krank Press.

We bought two. (Last year we gave Odd Birds of LA calendars as xmas presents and they were massive hits.) The proprietors of Krank could not be more laid-back, Silver Lake-y, and, well, uncranky. Even with a mass of people clumped at their booth.

But my very favorite...

Tie-died suede clutches and distressed leather flat zipped pouches by Tracey Tanner.

I already knew I loved Tracey Tanner's distressed leather. We ordered a bunch of zipped pouches from her in custom sizes and colors to give the ladies as wedding thank-you gifts (as well as wallets for the guys). But holy shit with the tie-dyed suede. H-town picked out a christmas present for me in secret at Tracey's booth. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Note: Tracey is a complete doll, and she gave us a discount for the bulk order back when we were wedding planning. She has also offered esb readers 25% off everything on her site until December 24. Use the code FBFALL09 at checkout.


  1. tie dyed suede?!? i never knew such magic was possible.

  2. ok so i need a tie dyed suede zip pouch ... NEED.

  3. i think the miniature donkey might be my favorite!

    i'm trying to think of a spot in my house that could use a little sprucing up with the help of some of those awesome animal prints!

  4. just noticed that I wrote "tie-DIED." hee hee.

  5. ahhhhhh its about time for liv to visit L.A. not only because of the sun...seems like there is quite cool scene around, huh?

    how freakin cute are the baby animal pictures.
    i have to take more pictures of my dog, love the dog photobooth .

  6. I want to sleep with that baby porcupine in mine bed. I wouldn't even care if he poked me.

  7. Uh...I've never seen anything like that tie dyed suede. Gorgeous, and making the 90's cool again.

  8. thinking i really need a few of these prints. how cute would a row of neatly framed baby animal prints look in a modern little nursery?! not like I'm having a baby. just sayin' ;)