Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the end of an era

Ten Thousand Only has posted her last post.

She's been ramping down for a while.... Some wedding bloggers have the good sense to let it lie after the wedding is over. But still, her last post. I find this incredibly disconcerting. TTO was one of the ones who inspired me to start this blog, way back when she was unengaged and I was "toads clueless."*

Anyhoo, she left us with some pretty good advice that I can't resist reposting here:

i had to remind myself every now and then...what mattered to me, who mattered to me, and what the day itself meant to me. in the end, not everything made sense to everyone, but it absolutely made sense to me, to my husband, and to our loved ones.

and on the day of, we were fortunate enough to experience tender love, true joy, and hours of uninhibited dancing.

so this is me, wishing all of you the same and more during planning and on your wedding day.

and in life.


Image via Yimmy's Yayo

*"Toads" as in "tots" as in "totally" will forever belong to TTO.
For those of us who are keeping track.


  1. : (
    : (
    : (

    Don't even think about stop writing your blog!
    Just saying.

  2. i think most of us find ourselves in the inbetween "to blog or not to blog" times. some bloggers do have the good sense to give it up. i obviously don't.

    by the way girlie, you're one of the bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog, so it's a chain effect. don't know why i haven't contacted you before now, but thanks. i like what you write.