Saturday, December 19, 2009

I may have caught the holiday spirit.

Mock me if you must, but I think it happened somewhere between getting my hair cut on Fairfax and using an old credit (!) to buy two PERFECT presents at Buffalo Exchange on La Brea. Guess I ought to venture west more often.

Today I'll be cleaning house, roasting spiced pecans and attempting pomegranate champagne punch.* I'm more of a bourbon girl, as you know, but we've got a bottle of "California Champagne" languishing in the cupboard that was an anniversary gift from the Madonna Inn and I'm damned if I'm gonna let it go to waste.

(Image via fine little day)

*Unless anyone's got a better champagne punch recipe? I was planning to substitute organic vodka for the rum because a) organic = NO HANGOVER and b) what do I want with leftover rum?!


  1. i just notice i got moved back *off* of the wedding-y blog roll.

    this makes me confused. i want to stay home and drink champagne. i want to go to buffalo exchange. i can't decide. i can't do either. damn.

    did you guys stay at the madonna on your road trip?

  2. yeah, a desert fete confuses me. it goes on long un-wedding-y stretches, and then you pop in with some rad wedding photos. do you WANT to be on the wedding-y blogroll?!

    p.s. I owe the Madonna Inn a whole post.

  3. naw it doesn't matter. i just like watching you move stuff. mostly i can't stand the wedding blog world save for a few of you. but sometimes i am reminded why i love it. i have been trying to decide if i should do a post on my friends recent j tree wedding or not. i never even featured a wedding when i *was* a wedding blogger. so, i don't know.

  4. pomegranate champagne punch. i made some on thursday... because i don't care what kind of alcohol it has, i'll just drink it.

    1 bottle of just pomegranate from trader's, chilled
    your fancy madonna inn champagne, chilled
    handful of mint leaves
    about 1 -2 cups of good oj
    a couple healthy splashes of white rum, b/c why not?
    simple syrup to taste (only if you want it on the sweet side; i made mine without)

    muddle your mint leaves in your oj and simple syrup. if you don't have a muddler, you can just roughly chop them and throw them in... but seriously, you should have a muddler.

    add all other ingredients.

    pour over ice and be happy.

    this makes A LOT.


  5. Celia, you know I was asking YOU specifically, right?

    but...what if I did use vodka? if I promise to add simple syrup? would the champagne punch gods come down and smite me??

    I mean, what's the point of using up your California Champagne if you get saddled with a bottle of rum.

  6. wow that's a lot of different tenses going there. Ms. Burke would ACK! the hell out of me with her red pen.

  7. You can always trust Celia to know what to do with booze.

    While we're talking about who is on what blogroll, do I really still count as a wedding-y blog? Not that I'm fussed, just curious!

  8. all of you are confusing. who wants on and who wants off? just lemmeknow.

  9. i'm very happy to be off the bridey side. as in, THANKTHEBABYJESUSIAMNOTSTILLPLANNINGAWEDDING

  10. bwaha. (who did I steal that from? I ♥ BWAHA.)

    p.s. celia, you should have shared recipe #2 with everyone instead of just emailing it to me!

  11. :)

    just realized how similar my recipe is and that you're not into rum (wtf is wrong with you?!).
    but lemons?! no bueno!

    here's another one i made last christmas that was super festive...
    (i don't remember exact measurements on this one; just do it to taste)

    pomegranate juice
    orange slices
    cinnamon tea; brew it fresh and chill
    good ginger ale
    and go ahead and add some vodka to this one; i think it will be just lovely!


  12. now that you have convinced me I really need to do the minty one ;)

    and OF COURSE your recipe is better than

    silly lady.

  13. This is a champagne mixed drink that I love, just thought I'd share because it is simple, even though it doesn't exactly feature the ingredients you're talking about (except the champagne, of course)

    It's called a Poinsettia (fitting!)

    1 oz Cointreau
    1 oz cranberry juice (I think pomegranate would taste great, too)
    top up with champagne.

    Happy holidays!

  14. fortunately, H already used up the lemons. turns out I have a thing about using stuff up? WEIRD.

  15. mmmmm. I like how we're all on an orange kick.

  16. hmmm no idea about punch recipes.
    i am a striaght drining girl.
    i love bourbon and also vodka.
    vodka is the best to avoid a hangover i guess.
    pure on ice.

    the champagne punch sounds like huge hangover ; ) , good luck!

  17. should have been drinking (of course, but the "K" is missing in my keyboard and now its hard to type it )
    maybe save the champagne and drink it pure on ice, or maybe with spiced orange juice.
    oh, for my pre-christmas dinner i had a fabulous champagne cocktail, it was called "guilty husband" but i have no idea what was in there, was all organic though.

  18. I had my Christmas party last night and one of the drinks included a mixture of cider/bourbon I mixed in a pitcher, fill a glass half full and fill the other half with champagne. Then put in frozen cranberries to keep it cool and festive. It was delicious and deadly.

    Sounds about right up your alley