Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry merry. or whatever.

Wishing you lots of bad HDTV and great movies, homemade truffles made by sweet ladies down the street, and the strength not to bite the heads off your family. Um. Did I say that out loud?

Time to sign off for a few days....

I miss you already.

Photo by my lady Christina Richards


  1. love love love your blog. i do realize i'm years behind in my devotion but oh well. better late than never?
    merry christmas!

  2. shall we start planning our tropical getaway for xmas '10?

  3. Yay for great holiday movies!!! Hope you get in a couple too:)

  4. Many deep sighs were released this past weekend.

    We all survived.

    Ps: keep a look out for a lil package from moi.