Monday, December 14, 2009

Now you're talking, Leanne

And I swear I'm not just saying that because my wedding dress had an exposed zipper running down the front.

From the SS10 lookbook.

This custom job is pretty slammin too. I mean, if you're into ruffles.

p.s. Am I being an a*hole today? Please forgive, I just got back from a nightmarish trip to the dentist.


  1. that ruffled dress is incredible! yes, I am into ruffles :)

  2. oh my god. that ruffle dress. oh my god.

    and a zipper down the front, yes please.

  3. ahhh! nightmare at the dentist!? get better soon! the exposed zipper is really really cool. I have never seen YOUR wedding dress...are there any pics around?

  4. To echo everyone else, put some pics up of your wedding dress!!

  5. not at all! this dress is amazing. exposed zippers are where it's at.

  6. where the fuck is your wedding dress? don't ignore us ESB!