Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year

I'll be honest with you, I was all ready to draft an f* this post....

So much pressure to plan the cocktails, find the right sparkly outfit, stop at every party, etc. You know what I'm saying? It's almost enough to make me stay home and watch Steel Magnolias on Oxygen. But we did that last night.

I'm gonna make a little confetti with my three-hole punch. A little gold confetti. Maybe that'll get me in the mood.


p.s. Enough already with Confetti System. I think they're cool too. WE ALL THINK THEY'RE COOL. They've been discovered, mkay?

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  1. i am NOT a new year eve kind of girl. i feel like it is amateur night. i would much rather be at home than trying to pay a gazillion smacks for some weak drink and fighting my way through a bunch of turds to get to the bar.

    which is why my 2 best friends are coming over, we are cooking at home + watching a movie. i would rather be with them, anyway!

  2. i don't own a single sparkle... i think i will be wearing a grey sweater tonight. and brown shoes.

    and its going to be dead sexy.


  3. kiwi and i got home from paris late last night and i doubt we will be able to stay awake until midnight to ring in 2010!

    happy new year! throw some extra confetti for me.

  4. Sparkles!

    Except Steel Magnolias? Really?

    Happy New Year, sparkle girl.

  5. I know. Steel Magnolias is no Terms of Endearment, believe you me. But for some reason I had to watch THE WHOLE THING.

  6. don't diss steel mag. it was filmed where i grew up!

  7. Plus Dolly AND Sam Shepard. (I did mention that I watched the whole thing? With commercials?)

  8. Steel Magnolias is great, and I don't care who knows that I think so. Blush and Bashful... I also really happen to like Sally Field a lot, and Shirley McLain and Olympia Dukakis are awesome, not to mention Dolly, of course! Hope you're having a good New Year so far!