Monday, November 21, 2011

Yet another reader is forced to make HER OWN STYLE CHOICES

Aug 10

Dear ESB,

I would greatly appreciate your stylish opinion on my wedding ensemble.

So far I have everything I need but have recently been rethinking what I'm wearing. I am a somewhat traditional bride but am about doing what I want despite tradition and yet have ended up making some very typical choices. This is what I get for going shopping with my dear sweet mother instead of my FSIL who has kick ass style.

Here is what I have so far that I'm happy with:

This Romona Keveza dress but with a sash I'm making that's more casual. These Seychelles flats. This rad sparkly bangle.

Here's what I have so far that I'm rethinking:

This necklace, which now seems waaay too sweet. And a sweater similar to this with no polka dots.

Before I got my engagement ring I never wore any jewelry, so I could really use some help finding a necklace that's more unique (preferably in a white or coral or peach). Our wedding is an evening garden wedding in 1 month and we are doing about 1/2 traditional things and 1/2 whatever we want.

Also, I'm thinking of switching the sweater for this because I'm a blazer girl at heart. Any of your superb input is highly appreciated!

Sucked Into Sweetness


Aug 10

Addition: the blazer is no longer available in my size (s, xs, 0-2)


Aug 11

Also, I'm wearing this in my hair. And I completely understand if you don't respond to this simply because I have sent you 3 emails instead of 1


Oct 13

so, yeah. i never responded.



Nov 20

No worries, you're clearly very busy. It was great!

Although I probably could have gone with no necklace, I ended up buying that blazer and LOVED it.

Pictures attached and credit to our awesome photographer. And yes, there's a link to some incredible underwater engagement photos at the bottom of that link - that's why you take engagement photos.

You're awesome,


Clearly you did not need my help one bit.

♥ ♥ ♥

(Photos by Cameron Ingalls)


  1. love the dress and you rocked the blazer!

  2. Those underwater pics are amaze-ballz

  3. tights in water = super happy Shiri. Love it.

  4. OMG I am in love with those flats!

  5. That first picture is so, so pretty. Is it weird to say that you have really awesome eyebrows? Also, I love your flowers!

  6. your readers are all so pretty, what the hell!