Sunday, November 6, 2011

aaaaaand here's the e-ring

I asked Sarah to write up a little post for us, since so many of you email me asking how to rock your vintage + non-traditional engagement rings with wedding bands.

My engagement ring isn't a traditional engagement ring and I was never really worried about having a matchy-matchy engagement ring/wedding band (the many jewelers I spoke with on my long search also confirmed my instincts- this is an age old tradition that would have no impact our marriage/future happiness whatsoever. phew.)

So when searching for a wedding ring i considered all options: simple bands, stackables, cocktails rings, other engagement rings, no ring at all...really, every ring I came across in my long search was fair game. But THE ring had to fit this bill: something I hadn't seen, something I could wear on the opposite hand of my engagement ring without looking like I was channeling Elizabeth Taylor (I love me some sparkle, but my engagement ring is already a blingfest), something fairly versatile, something that knocked my knickers off.

I loved the idea of a ring that I could stack other bands around (hello future anniversary presents!) but would still stand out as my wedding band. Most importantly, I wanted something that feels like me, the way my engagement ring does. And when I saw this ring I felt like Mocium had crawled inside my brain and designed this ring specifically for me. It took me less than 10 seconds to know it was the one.

The perfect response to this query, no?

Dear ESB,

I was relieved to see that aren't bored by ring questions, because they've been running through my head a lot lately. I'm planning to get a wedding ring to complement my lovely engagement ring. FH has been encouraging me to get something more flashy than the engagement ring, rather than a traditional gold band. That is exactly what I want to do, or at least what part of me wants to do. I'll admit it: I sometimes get quietly envious of girls with glittery, flashy diamond clusters on their rings. But I LOVE my engagement ring and how delicate it is, and don't want to overpower it.

I've never been much of a jewelry wearer and don't feel too confident in my judgment of what works well together and what doesn't. I've fallen for this ring (though it's well beyond my $1K price limit) but you can't really stack these, right? Either of these seem more stackable, but I still worry that the effect of the engagement ring would be lost.

Maybe just a thin, textured band is really the only appropriate way to complement it? Or should I choose whatever other ring that calls to me, and wear it on a different finger? (Is it silly for me to want to keep them both on the same finger, together forever?)

Alright, I guess that's enough links and questions for one email. Any ideas from you and your readers would be so, so welcome. 



(fwiw, I stack two rings that absolutely do not go together, and I love em on the same hand.)

p.s. Check out Sarah's engagement story + more photos of her custom Marc Johns (hellloo) over here.


  1. I love my rings individually but don't love them stacked. I don't think either is made better by the other, if anything their awesomeness is obscured.

    I'm going to get my engagement ring re-sized to fit my fatter right-hand ring finger and wear my skiiiiny band that matches hub's on my left ring finger.

  2. I say go to a jeweler with pictures of the rings you love and the ring you have. You can buy a diamond or a couple small diamonds (for way cheaper directly from a jeweler) and have them put it in whatever setting you want.
    My engagement ring is inspired by the C&W sideways pear. My wedding ring is a simple gold band, but I had the jeweler make it hug the bump from the diamond (and my husband's ring has a nick cut out to hug the other side of the diamond)

  3. If you love the sideways pear one, try Etsy. I've seen rings with a similar style there, and you may be able to find it for way less.

  4. I say go for this ring. It is gorgeous and I have a stacking ring set with a ring like yours in aquamarine and a multi colored stone band like this. It is delicate and lovely and I think completely balances and sparkles.

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