Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my headache diary is a pret-ty good read

I was just paging through, making a lil note, and I thought I'd pull a few selects for you:

4pm Headach (sic) = 2
No reason.

Felt a little feverish today -- probs the drop from 50mg to 30mg
No headache until I ate a lollipop though. Now at 2

Stinky Cheese + Sun --> 3

Mint Choc Chip Klondike Bars --> 3

Drank two old-fashioneds, took pills late -- NO HEADACHE!!

5pm --> 4
Yoga or Blue Sno Cone?

I smell a book deal. 

Can anyone put me in touch with Maira Kalman?

Have realized that on my scale of 1 to 10, I generally rate a pretty fucking sucky headache a 4. It has to get BAD for me to give it a 5/6. (Here's hoping I never make it to 8.)


  1. this wrinkle in time, can't give it no credit...

    i think you spelled it properly up there, you were just using a german "ach!" to express displeasure.

    i'm sorry, gal.

  2. Well I think the clear lesson here is that you should drink more old fashioneds. :)

  3. I like the 7/27 entry. That's my go-to.

  4. A friend who's a physical therapist told me that men always rate their pain above 5 and women always rate it below 5. Oh, don't mind me! This slipped disk is only like a 3, COMPARED TO ALL THE CHILDREN WHO DIED IN HIROSHIMA.

  5. I work on a scale of 1-3, but we're basically in the same boat. Daily topomax/magnesium and acute maxalt + naproxen keep me from being completely miserable.

    Headaches suck!

  6. @Melissa I almost included an entry that read: "Back on top." (I.E. BACK ON TOPAMAX) but I figured I'd be the only one to get the joke ;)

    Scale of 1-3 makes much more sense. I might have to switch over...

  7. NO BLUE SNO CONES ? damn, girl. bummer.

    ps. to Frances -- sofa king true ! men are weenies.

  8. pps. after i had my baby, this male doc kept coming in and asking me to rate my pain on a scale from 1 to 10 ... i was like, "at this point, EVERYTHING IS A 1, YOU FUCKING PUSSY."

  9. @wool and misc it's COMEDY! i was trying to solicit laughter, not sympathy. fuck sympathy.

  10. The pill leaches vitamin B6. Could be worth a try?

  11. @Kate dude, lady. i've been on and off the pill so many times: Will it make things better? Will it make things worse? Now I take a big dose of B2 + B-Complex + Magnesium. Which, I can't really tell if the supplements make any difference.

  12. @Melissa how much magnesium do you take? I'm at 500mg. rly can't tell if it's doing anything.

  13. ESB, I'm sorry you've got the chronic migraines too! (I like to believe it means we're extra aware of our surroundings.) I know everyone's noggin is different, but if topomax isn't doing it for you, I recommend verapamil as a daily prophylactic. After the first couple months, there are pretty much no side effects, and it basically saved me from spending my entire life in a dark room. Also, getting off hormonal birth control (including POP) helped me a ton.

  14. My pair (ha!) of fancy neurologists have suggested going up to 1000mg/day of magnesium + 100mg of topomax plus adding in a b-12 supplement, but I don't alway remember to double up on the magnesium (500mg morning, 500mg at night).

    The topo/magnesium combo has been super helpful for moderating severity and the recent addition of naproxen to my maxalt for acute attacks has been pretty rad.

    But you know - i still have a headache every day. ;)

  15. yeah, I had to totally cut caffeine from my life - it took a whole 6mos to kick the habit, but I haven't had a single migraine since!

  16. @Melissa i actually just teared up a little reading your comment. i think to was the ;)

    they're never *not there,* are they?

  17. @Anon 4:34 i can't even remember if i've tried verapamil. will have to check the ol diary.

    every few years i think the top isn't doing anything and i try going off it and FUCKMEFUCKINGSHITBALLS

  18. anon 4:34 again. Yeah, tapering off is HARD. I tried to ease myself off verapamil a few months ago and—-well, that didn't go so well.

    One other med that's helped a lot (I swear I'm not a pharmaceuticals rep!) is frovatriptan, an abortive med in the same family as maxalt. Unlike the more common triptans, it lasts up to 2-3 days, which is a huge relief when you're stuck in a nasty little cycle.

  19. @Anon 5:51 i'm currently kicking effexor, which i was taking on top of the topamax. SUX.

  20. Sorry you're still getting headaches, that sucks.

    And ohmygawd, I <3 17 beats.

  21. So I have no idea if it'll work for you or not... but I used to have several headaches per week (say 3-6 depending on the week?) It turns out that I had a wheat allergy that was causing them. Now I'm down to maybe once a month. It's fantastically awesome not to be in pain!
    Anyways, so the way I got over the wheat allergy - I visited a natropathic allergist, who practices bio-intolerance elimination (BIE). It's a crazy sounding system and I feel like a paid-commercial every time I tell someone about it... but it's fantasically wonderful! You can find a list of practioners on their website: www.inht.ca The only catch is that there are very few practioners world wide, so hopefully there's one near you!

  22. @Anon wait, so the "natropathic allergist" helped you GET OVER the wheat allergy? as in, YOU GET TO EAT SANDWICHES NOW?

    i miss sandwiches. also bagels. and donuts.

  23. Ha, ya, I guess I could have been a little more specific about that one!
    Yes, I am cured of my wheat allergies. Same with my season allergies, those to dairy, cats, dogs, and numerous other things. I used to take allergy meds every day spring, summer, and fall for seasonal allergies - I've taken maybe 5 so far this year. Woo!

  24. @Anon 11:12 it sort sounds like snake-oil salesmanship, and yet i think i just might try it!

  25. One word: acupuncture.