Wednesday, November 2, 2011

fox fodder farm

FFF not only offers us gorg headpiece inspiration, but an excellent bit of advice:

Dahlia's (sic) are awesome. Really awesome. They're not only stupid pretty, they withstand the trauma I place on them every time I use them in a crown. I wish I could say I'm more of a gentler handler when it comes to flowers but the truth is I'm a bit rough. More often than not I find myself midway through a project, crowns and bouquets alike, with crushed blossoms scattered around me cursing at myself for not being more careful... (read the rest over here)

Thank you, Leigh + Bernadette!


  1. My dahlia wedding bouquet was totally fine in 100 degree Arizona heat, and also sustained being tossed around and danced with. Go dahlias.

  2. Seriously! Plus they come in a ton of different varieties, and nearly every basic flower color. When I'm a real grown up and finally have a yard again, I hope to have some of those enormous dinner plate dahlias growing up to my shoulders.

  3. I love dahlias! Also, they are kind of big and fluffy so you don't need as many for big impact. We just had them at our reception. $50 at Pike Place Market for flowers for all surfaces.