Monday, November 14, 2011

louboutin knockoffs: yeah or nay?

This is Urban Outfitter's take on Margot's see-lammin wedding shoes.

What do you think? Too disco queen??

My guess is that cheap sparkles will probably just look CHEAP.


  1. Glitter aside, I think it's about the cheap suede. The kind that could be seen on a kid's cowboy costume from a dollar store.

  2. i just got my catalog today (why do they send me catalogs? damned if i know.) and started imagining all of the cheap glitter falling off as you walk.

    and you know i'm one for cheap shoes.

  3. I'm pretty sure I would have worn these to a middle school dance if my mom wouldn't have been terrified I'd break my neck.

    My way of saying "no."

  4. I actually kind of like the idea of leaving a trail of glitter wherever you go... but these shoes are a hell no.

  5. uo shoes are death incarnate.
    regardless of what they look like.
    trust me.

  6. I have a pair of boots from UO that I'm wearing into the ground - they've served me well (those shoes are ugly, though).

  7. they just don't compete with the real thing...

  8. My problem is with the colour of the glitter as much as anything - it kind of looks like (what I imagine) candy corn would look like if you puked it up...

    I like UO shoes. But then I am impoverished, and thus used to rubbish shoes that fall to pieces.

  9. NO.

    Not nearly as amazing as Margot's but these Kork-ease ones have a similar feel.