Monday, November 7, 2011

A lil necklace for y'all

One-of-a-kind by Makool Loves You

(L sent it my way because it reminded her of this guy.)


  1. Waaaait, how am I the ONLY commenter on this gorj puppy?

    Does that mean that I win?
    I WIN!

  2. @bigBANG YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    everyone else is too busy blathering about bras or whatever.

  3. this makes me sad I have to wear this stupid lanyard/badge situation to work every day

  4. Unrelated to the post, but I appreciate your usage (AND CORRECT SPELLING) of the word y'all. I'm a Texan living in the Midwest, and I don't get to hear it nearly enough. Also, to continue blathering about undergarments, this model would decidedly NOT have to worry about the bra sitch for her gown; she'd be rocking the Yigal with ease.

  5. @esb @nikki I have to do that shit, too. It drives me nuts! A friend does the necklace thing, but I haven't been able to find one sturdy enough (the badge is on a retractable thingamabob to which I'm actually quite partial).