Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wish I were there

I stumbled upon this image of Tofino (where we spent the first glorious leg of our honeymoon) on forty-sixth at grace

Nikole grew up on the west coast of canada and spent childhood weekends on qualicum beach, only an hour from my dad's house.
I love finding neighbors via the internet.

This photo of qualicum and the queen anne's lace makes me sigh and think of my wedding bouquet.

I never go to the beach in LA. Maybe I should try that?


  1. I'm a huge fan of going to the beach in LA late at night and laying out on a blanket and looking at the stars... then speading back home on the empty freeways.

  2. gorgeous.

    we go to the dog beach in huntington all the time, but not so romantic or peaceful...

    but the cottages and beach at crystal cove {} used to be amazing and pretty deserted...but now that they've re-furbished the cottages, maybe not so much?

    time to beach scout in la...

  3. Wow. I just did a post last week about how I wished I was in LA because I am tired of Canada. It's March 26th and I have about 3 feet of fresh snow outside my house. I guess we all want what we don't have!

  4. sounds like an amazing place to grow up.
    wish i was there, too!

  5. I love the beach in LA at night or in the winter, but as soon as the sun starts shining, I'm terrified of the hordes of people who descend with their coolers. Too overwhelming for me.

  6. beaches on the west coast of canada are never too hot and never too crowded. and never too snowy, in fact. there is often rain to contend with, i'll admit. (i romanticize the rain when I've been in LA for too long.)

  7. Oh are you in L.A? For some reason I've imagined that you're somewhere in N.C - why Mia! :)
    I spent the summer in L.A last year and since then we have an ongoing loveaffair, that city and I. Forget Hollywood, the playboy mansion and the freeways - L.A is so much more than its first impression. I'll be returning this summer for sure!

    Love the pic btw

  8. Sigh. I want to go home. (we have beaches like that at home)