Thursday, March 19, 2009

Groom Style: Nouveau Prepster

Thom Browne made the suit cool again.

Don't argue with me. I read it in New York Magazine.

(Image courtesy of

Band of Outsiders has taken it one step further. I totally dig the window pane check with the contrasting striped shirt. And this light suit photographed in Paris by The Sartorialist would be fabulous for a summer wedding. (I'm also a fan of seersucker, if done right.)

I must admit, I'm still on the fence about boat shoes, but man are they everywhere. If you rock 'em at your wedding, will you send me pictures? I'm serious.

(Band of Outsiders courtesy of GQ; The Sartorialist)


  1. God, you make menswear hot. I'm going to have to get David to read your stuff now, as he's outfit deciding. Not that he doesn't make menswear hot too.

    I think most people just don't care about it, men and women, and its hot when it's *appreciated.*

    Boat shoes. No. Unless on boats. (but that's just my opinion)

  2. Well, if NY Mag says so then it must be true! Hot pics.

  3. i am not going to argue with you on this one. you win, because you (well, WE!) are right!

  4. My Boy has facial hair. I think he will keep it for the wedding. He was also wearing boat shoes the night we met (not on a boat) but I think he will probably wear boots for the wedding. With a white slim suit if we can find it. Perhaps seersucker. And possibly with a blue and white striped shirt. We can't decide about the tie. I bought one but just not sure. I don't think he looks as good in ties as he does in an open necked shirt. But it is an English wedding, in a church.

    I love your groom style posts. Can you tell?! :)

  5. Rachel, I'm having trouble picturing boots with a seersucker suit.... What season are we talking?

  6. we're talking June.

    I'm thinking soft brown leather boots. Perhaps better with a white suit than seersucker. I can't find anything seersucker within budget anyway.

  7. Brown boots with a white suit I like. V. Mick Jagger?

  8. V. Wayne Coyne actually, he says.