Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I haz delicious

My first attempt was a wash. But I was determined not to let my tech-savvy husband help me. It's blogger for eff's sake.

Okay, H-town did suggest some keywords for my google search.... But anyhoo.

I found Feedflare, which gave me nice little "Email this" and "Save to del.icio.us" links at the bottom of my feed this morning. (Thank you to the Jargol blog, where I first spotted this option.)

p.s. Check out Jargol's post on Market Publique, a new online market for vintage.


  1. ok, first you make me feel like a tech granny, then you intro me to a great spot for vintage??! what are you doing to me, esb??

  2. no idea what you just said.

    but those shoes are hot.

  3. Hi! I've been checking out your blog & love it! I'm pretty new to the blog world but I did the "add this" on my blog & it was pretty easy & it has nearly every place one can add your posts to. here is the link http://www.addthis.com hope it works out. thanks for the cool blog :)

  4. creativegirl, I tried addthis, but what I was really after was a "save to delicious" link in the feed footer. makes navigation on a mobile device much smoother!