Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Wedding Spinner

You guys, weddings just got a whole lot cooler.

Meet Michael Antonia, who recently relocated to LA from NYC (welcome!) and decided to add more weddings to his dj schedule in order to spend time at home with his wife and new baby.

Hire him if you can. Or at the very least take his suggestions. Srsly. Any dance mix that moves from Stevie Wonder to Roy Orbison to Salt N Pepa is killer in my book.

And then there's The Flashdance, a new alt-wedding blog Michael has built with Our Labor of Love & Max Wanger.


Part of me really wishes we had a dj. I love the music we spun on iTunes, but it was kind of a bummer that the best man, H-town and I had to step away from the party at various points to man the computer.


  1. Loving The Flashdance... how did I not know of this already? Thanks.

  2. The Flashdance JUST did my wedding and it was AMAZING! I mean, epic, grooms parents unwittingly dancing to Push It, guests still talking about it weeks later dance party.

  3. It's not a wedding without Push It. Just saying.

  4. I got that email, and thought of you.

  5. manu chao and NWA? i've died and gone to heaven. (i linked to your post...give me a heads up if that doesn't jive with you) my dj is getting a copy of this list.

  6. Amazing! A wedding isn't a wedding, in my mind, until you've danced until your hair is all wrecked.

    Sara Gray

  7. I just did an interview with Michael on my blog... check it out :)