Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Favorite rock club?

Speaking of rock. And old married ladies.

I am seriously out of the loop.

Do you have a favorite rock club in LA + environs? And/or a favorite local band? I'm doing research for a film project and I could really use your input. You, my cool-as-hell readers.

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  1. darker my love is my fave local band right now {technically they are sf/la}. also nico vega--LOVE THEM. love midnight movies, too, although they aren't really doing much lately...

    as far as venues go, i love spaceland. if i can walk to the rock, i'm happy. same owner owns the echo, which is also a good one.

    but, since i'm married to a retired professional drummer, we don't get out to see the rock as often as i'd like. she's gone a little deaf from all her years of touring and is frankly a little over it. well, and truth be told, i'm an OLD married lady.

  2. well, the roxy is the WORST. i don't get out enough to name the best. wonder what size venue you are looking for? i'll keep thinking and try to help. and it would help to know if you wanted clean and pretty or dirty/grungy. :)

  3. Mid-sized. No seats.

    Old, curved bar. Beat up old stage. And a really disgusting women's room.

  4. Go to my photographers blog. Email her. She is very very hip and very in the know and *loves* getting email through my blog. It makes her feel famous. PLUS: she is a location scout for photogs. DO IT.

  5. or, come to san diego and shoot at the casbah.

    doesn't get much better.

  6. I did a review of 'Hyper Crush'---LA based band on my blog. They're like an 80's throw back techno band and they are something new.
    I know u like rock(my fav too), but u should check them out!!