Friday, March 20, 2009

Groom Style: Rock Star

I love the wild-west-meets-the-seventies look. These boys are rocking the vest.

I'm also a sucker for good facial hair. Don't shave your beard (or your mustache, please!) for the wedding, whatever you do. Be yourself. And look like yourself in the pictures.

The Killers found here.

This real-life groom also happens to be in a band. It shows in his f-it-I'll-wear-what-I-want attitude. We could all use a little more of that.

(Doc Martens are meant to be worn with tube socks, after all. Wedding or no wedding.)

Photo by Laura Burlton.


  1. my boy has agreed to maintain a steady, stubbly 5'oclock shadow for the wedding.


    clean shaven is overrated.

  2. As I was reading, I thought "Like white socks and chucks."


  3. First off - curse you (again) for feeding my insane Brandon Flowers obsession.
    Second - Hunter is rocking a fro for our wedding - does that count? :)

  4. I give Hunter the rock star seal of approval