Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Groom Style: James Bond

Classic. And kick-ass.

Skip the tie if it's cramping your style. Rules are made to be broken.

(Daniela Bianchi and Sean Connery in "From Russia With Love" from here; Tom Ford, James Bond's latest tailor, from here)

The James Bond theme was inspired by Lovely Morning, who has a great take on the white dinner jacket here.


  1. which we, for the record, completely abandoned for fear of my husband looking like a country club waiter.

    It was either (to use the proper esb term) the slammin' Tom Ford tuxedo we found at Barneys (for 5K, btw) or nothing. Obviously we went with nothing.

    but i never get tired of the james bond look. esp with mr. ford designing.

  2. Sean rocks that tux pretty great ... then again Sean pretty much rocks anything with style.

  3. why is tom ford gay. dang, he always look so great even when i hate what he is wearing.

  4. Only if I get to be like a Bond girl and go barefoot and basically wearing a nightgown.