Monday, March 23, 2009

allow me to geek out for a moment

I spent 6 of the past 8 days helping a friend on a film shoot. Which meant a lot of standing around reading blogs on my iPhone. (Films shoots involve a lot of standing around. Unless you are the gaffer.)

Which leads me to....

1) Google apps rock. Man do I love browsing my google reader on my phone.

2) Suddenly I want everyone to have a Delicious button so I can quickly tag the things I want to come back to. I have a short attention span, I realize. But srsly. Safari bookmarks are so over.

So I'm attempting to add Save to Delicious as a Post Feed Footer. A little busy but.... useful? Lemme know what you think. (And please be patient. The only way to test it is to, you know, post.)

Photo by dorellana via freckle farm


  1. I just got the G1 and I'm kind of obsessed with it. Probably because of the Google apps. And it's waaay better than the BlackBerry that was forced on me for work.

    I haven't used Delicious, but now I'm curious.

  2. I'll be curious to see how it works out for you. I think I need to get on that too. I am still in the dark ages when it comes to bookmarks and I never seem to have what I want on whichever computer I happen to be working on.

  3. i don't really understand delicious.

  4. cevd, you will love it. I mostly use it to tag images, etc I want to come back and blog later (you can set tags to be public or private). I'm just now starting to explore other people's tags... Kind of like being inside someone else's head (slash computer).

  5. i really like being in other people's heads ... hmmm this could be quite fun.

  6. whoa, i've always wondered what the heck delicious was. awesome...i wanna check it out. that's so delicious.

    i can't keep up with the tech kids these days...god, i feel like such a granny...

  7. sh*t, next thing you know, i'll have to figure out what twitter is.
    ugh. thanks, esb.

  8. Personally, I tried delicious but didn't find it all that useful. Google notes, Reader and using Firefox's star bookmarking have been godsends. I killed my delicious account a month after opening it. I gave it a fair shake. :-(

    That being said, it doesn't really mess up your blog in my Google reader, so whatever works!

  9. Um, what's delicious? Whenever I see a blog post with it at the bottom I just think of cake. And brownies. And donuts. Delicious things.