Monday, March 30, 2009

Upstaged by the groom?

Tony is just a wee bit of a diva, isn't he?

I mean, the pinstripe suit. The feather in his fedora. And the spectators. Oh the spectators.*

I would also like to point out that Tony's suit is well-tailored. And his pants break where they should (ie. they are hemmed to the proper length).

It kills me when the bride goes to five dress fittings or whatever but the groom doesn't even hem his pants.**

Photos by Adi Nevo
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*I'm referring to his shoes. Thank you, plaidout, for giving us the correct lingo.

**Did that come off like a rant? It kind of was.


  1. YES.

    Although I don't know about upstaged, since she's pretty sparkly.

  2. You think I cheated with the title? Oopsy

  3. So many times I look through my friend's photos on facebook of weddings they have attended where the groom has made little or no effort or is wearing the worst suit ever and it makes me so cross I have started e-mailing them to M with the title no. We are up to about 20 now.

  4. Rachel, you are a girl after my own heart.

  5. :)

    Do you have the problem in the US that people *think* morning dress is the correct attire for the male parties but they want their own version so they wear long boxy bad fittings jackets with square hems rather than the elegant if over-formal tailed jacket?

    Teamed with satin pastel waistcoats and cravats? And bad shoes. And over-gelled hair.

    So bad. So bad.

  6. hee hee. sometimes I have to hold back from cropping the heads and doing a DON'T post. srsly.

  7. Rachel,
    I'm pretty sure that crowd doesn't know what morning dress is. They only wear T-shirts, or for formal occassions, polos.

  8. I have been looking at our wedding photos and cringing ever since you tweeted about too long trousers. Why didn't you write this post BEFORE we got married? And why didn't we think to take up his trousers?

    Seriously, You are the reason I shouldn't talk to stylish people. You fill me with shame.

  9. Haha. I don't even think I'd notice if a groom's suit was ill-fitting. I generally just look at the brides.