Thursday, October 11, 2012

Seeking: THIS DRESS for under $1200

Dear ESB,

Our wedding is not until next May, so I think that I have a bit of time... or do I? After having been to a number of dress shops here in London, I have realised I am looking for something

1) short
2) vintage-inspired (although not original vintage)
3) soft and flow-y but with a bit of structure

I have yet to find anything that I loved in-store.

I *THINK* I found the perfect dress (thank you Pinterest, you're not all meringues after all) - it's from J. Mendel's S/S '13 collection

The only trouble is that it's likely to be very far out of my price range (which is around the $1,200 mark). 

Can you recommend anything similar that is a slightly more affordable?

(Also, I will be in NYC to go dress shopping in a couple of months, if there are any shops there you recommend). 

Looking out in London 


Has anyone seen this dress?? You guys are much better at this game than I am.

Worth a visit while you're in NYC: Lovely (be sure to make an appointment), Barney's CoopBloomingdale's (59th/Lex), which has a big dress floor, and maybe Saks Fifth Avenue.


  1. Eh, I don't know about Saks. The last time I went in there, the clothes were kind of dowdy, like the Matron who is trying desperately to be hip. If you're coming to NYC, I'd start reading and learning about some of the great boutiques we have, and maybe hitting some of those up.

    1. Seconding this. I think Saks still thinks it's the 90s, but in a bad way.

  2. Another while in nyc:

    1. Yes! I bought my dress there. It's a nice shop and the people there are really sweet, too. I think that most stuff there will be a bit above $1200 though.

  3. I don't remember what our collective opinion is on Stone Fox Bride. That's in NYC, yeah?

    Okay, this is mostly all totally unhelpful (out of budget, or long) but I had to share some of these finds because: gorgeous.

    Is anyone a size 14 with a $2K budget (or I'm sure you could find it somewhere else)? I would have killed for this dress.

    gorgeous J. Mendel - close to budget and vintage-looking, but long and doesn't resemble original at all

    the closest in spirit to the original that I found but about 3x the budget

    a short J.Mendel that's actually close to budget but looks to casual

    insanely expensive J. Mendel with gorgeous back

    another super expensive J.Mendel - love love love

    Vintage-y Nicole Miller

    You could shorten the J.Crew Dune dress.

    You could embellish this cheap-o dress from Ann Taylor

    There are tons of great J.Mendel dresses at Neiman but they are all $$$.

    The original dress reminds me a bit of Halston but I couldn't find any that looked like it.

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    1. I was going to suggest Saja too! I think they probably have a couple similar styles and their pricing is not bananas. And there is a store in NYC, right?

    2. Oh, you linked to their store, oops!

    3. Beautiful! It has the same feel and is under the budget!

  5. What about a Juliette Hogan dress or separates?

  6. Rebecca Taylor? It's polyester, but if it were me I'd be tempted to spend 1/3 of my budget and put the rest toward the honeymoon.

    1. (I rounded the budget up to $1500 in my brain because math is harrrrd.)

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    1. not as long but in the comments she said she can make it into tea length?
      Reeves-Whitney Deal

  8. Alice & Olivia Maxi Dress - silky version @ $600 and check out the gorgeous back

  9. This Donna Morgan dress is very similar. I'm wearing this as a bridesmaids dress next month. Its much more drapey on than in the photo

  10. Thank you for the shout out! We have awesome dresses at a great price point, we'd love to have your brides in for an appointment!

  11. Any of you looking for a great deal on your wedding dress should check out Loehmann's Grab the Gown event in NYC next Friday! I'm hoping to find my dress there! They're going to have around 800 gowns for under $1,000!

  12. Yes! London! Go here Fur Coat No Knickers, it is vintage but they have amazing dresses only, they fit them perfectly to you and the girls who run it are really fun and nice. Disclaimer: my wedding dress was from here.

  13. Looking out in LondonOctober 16, 2012 at 3:15 PM

    Wow thank you for all of the suggestions! I certainly have my shopping cut out for me.

    1. Looking out in LondonOctober 16, 2012 at 3:28 PM

      oh, and I have already bought my shoes...$(KGrHqN,!mEE+8iu0OO0BQIuYqmOBQ~~60_57.JPG