Thursday, October 4, 2012


Every once in a while when I'm procrastinating, I do a little "market research" on pinterest.

If you type: (but insert your own url at the end, obvs) you'll get a quick overview of what people are pinning.

There are two images from this here blog that keep coming up over and over: This adorbz pair of budget-ish sandals, and this seeeelammin turquoise ring.

Weird, right? 

I mean, not weird. But I guess I'm always hoping ppl will pin images like this. (They don't.)


Thought you should know the Jeffrey Campbell sandals are avail at Nordstrom in red and black.

(And they're on sale over at UO in white.)

You're on your own with the vintage turquoise. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED. 

Or: Here are a few lovely modern options....

(Four Square Turquoise Ring from Mociun)

(Aili Tulum Ring from Catbird)

(Rad Turquoise Ring from Scosha)


*All credit goes to Bri for the tip.


  1. No doubt in my mind that I've repinned that ring and it futher fueled my obsession with having a turquoise engagement ring. Sadly, my husband was horrified at the suggestion and (not sadly) I ended up with an old (awesome) sapphire.

    So my point is, can someone please get this turquoise ring? I loooong hoped it would be mine, but that ship has sailed.

    Or this one??

  2. Those shoes are my most (or one of my most) pinned images - that I pinned from you.

    My favorite thing is that in the comments, strangers are like "OMG WHERE DO I GET THEZE?!" Like, hello? Do you know how Pinterest/the Internet works, kids?

    1. Same here. I thought the shoe-repinning was all my 'fault'. I used Pinterest for a minute when I was planning my wedding last year, and I still get email notifications that it's been repinned.

  3. That ring is how I discovered ESB in the first place!

    1. Over here, too. It inspired me to get an emerald instead of a diamond.

  4. my repins are cupcakes.

  5. my most pinned image is from my failed ombre hair experiment of 2011 (at least it's the hopeful photo of Alessandra Ambrosio and not a picture of me)

  6. That is an amazing ring. We went with the Mociun single moon and stars band (and the triangle turquoise and diamond earrings) but I had to drag myself away from the chunkier turquoise bands when we visited her store.

  7. I pinned a photo collage from a post of yours a while back and I think it is the #1 repin on my boards: