Monday, October 29, 2012

Dress Quest but Not for Me

Dear ESB

My best friend who was in my wedding (and went far far far above and beyond what any bridesmaid could do) is now getting married! I am beyond joyed for her. She has asked me to be in her wedding (which I am so happy to be able to support her) and she has shown me the dress attached which she has fallen in love with. 

How great is that right! But as always happens, the is dress sold out and the Australian designer will not make any more.

We've been scouring the internet however I was hoping you and your readers might be able to suggest another designer who has a similar style. Also it would be preferable if the dress was under $3000. 

The BM who wants to help



Chloé at My Theresa ($3,229 incl. duties)

Fun Fact: They are calling this color "Gris Albatros." Sure looks ivory to me.

Photos at top by One and Only Photography via Once Wed


  1. welp, that's not the same. if she was counting on a v-neck front like the photos, that chloe is lacking

  2. Cortana also do something similar. You would have to go to Spain to buy it, of course, but is that really a problem?

  3. this one looks very similar but with a black sash, not sure if it has the same amazing v-back...

  4. Not exactly the same, and Melissa Sweet makes a dress called "Maldives" that has a really similar feel to it. Might have to buy it used, but it really is beautiful!

  5. want. too bad i'm already married.

  6. wow, good find, ESB! that dress is amazing.

  7. Why not just take a photo of the dress to a seamstress and ask them to make it for you?

  8. This one is pretty similar--far less dramatic or unique than either dress pictured above but thought I'd share it anyway.