Sunday, October 7, 2012

I never posted the manpoll results!

I put up an "Are stockings actually sexy?" poll last Tuesday, and then I sort of just let it marinate...

Turns out 68% of men find stockings uber sexy,* 19% are indifferent, and only 13% find them non-sexy.

(If you peruse the comments, however, you will find that nobody likes pantyhose.)

Photo by Michael Pudelka

*I'll admit I used to rock a pair of black thigh-highs that went over very well. The whole point is that you don't take them off.


  1. My boyfriend loves them! Especially stockings, but he is also partial to pantyhose, or was we call them here in Ireland, tights. I'm not complaining, we have to wear them pretty much year round here and while they can be a pain, it's nice to know they're appreciated sometimes!!

  2. tights are all-season wear in the UK, so it comes down to practicality a lot more than if they are sexy. Girls wear tights and shorts here like it's their uniform.