Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So, I finally watched Beginners....

Which I liked. Did not love.

The acting was terrific, I just got annoyed by all the voice-over-y, photo-collage-y stuff. It felt like a cop out.

What I did love was the Indian cotton caftan that the mom wears in one of the art gallery scenes. Kicking myself for not taking a screengrab from the dvd, but it looked something like this.....

I probably don't need a second caftan, especially since I still haven't worked up the nerve to wear the first one.



  1. what?!?! wear the first one!!!!

  2. Christopher Plummikins was to die for, right, but we needed MORE of him and less of the depressing lighting hotel room angst. I was never convinced by their love story! The daddy issues subplot was clichéd and surface-skimming! I didn't care! Fuck them! Gimme more gay dad scenes and dog cameos!

    BUT THE KAFTAN SITCH. Did you see mine on Instagrizzle? No? I live in mine. GET IT. (Although I generally prefer the lighter, brighter colors, and that's way overpriced. Ebay has stellar unworn Anokhi hand block printed kaftans, btw. Those are the real deal, hand block printed in Jaipur, gorgeous soft Indian cotton, and amazingly *much cheaper*)

  3. Beginners was kind of weak; Christopher Plummer its saving grace. The caftan above is a million times better than the original caftan. Can we see cool earrings please????

  4. Joining the chorus to say that I can't believe you haven't worn the caftan yet. Lady!

  5. this one is WAY more wearable. perfect for our trip next march.

  6. I totally agree. It was one of those movies that I so wanted to love, but just could sort of like.

    And, as for the caftan/s: go on a lovely beach holiday and wear the heck out of it.