Monday, October 31, 2011

Holly rocks the bouquet.

She was too cool to send a follow up re: the bouquet post so I snagged these photos off her blog.

Also, a coupla direct quotes: "I'm a little ashamed of how much I loved having a bouquet. Can I carry one around all the time?"

"Thanks to ESB and company and my mother-in-law, I decided to make a bouquet last minute.
It had coffee beans in it (those pink things). We met in a coffee shop. Cute, right?"

I had to throw in the "GLITTAH IN ACTION." Plus Stanley the skull.

(Photos by Kristopher Orr)


  1. gorgeous! but I also don't think the bouquet made it beautiful, it was beautiful regardless.

    *from a bride who isn't planning on having a bouquet, possibly a tambourine, but not a bouquet

  2. I gave my bridesperson total reign over making my bouquet, thinking I was indifferent. Then when I had it, I never wanted to put it down. Here is my prop! It makes my costume make sense! I loved it. There should be more occasions in ones life to carry one around.

    P.S. Holly looks like a silent film ingenue.

  3. What JB said.

    Oh and Stanley - I love you.

  4. i love holly.

    ...and that partially eaten sandwich.

  5. Gorgeous. I got married last week, made a last minute bouquet and then FORGOT IT AT HOME ON MY WAY TO THE CEREMONY. Whaah! It is still sitting in a glass of water at home and looks remarkably still alive. Maybe I'll just parade around the house with it.

  6. I feel properly ashamed of myself for not following up, ESB. Thank you for the advice,I'm glad I took it.

    I love Gracie.

    Stanley loves you too, Anna.

    You guys are the best<3