Monday, October 10, 2011

Never thought I'd be posting Kim Kardashian


Her photo was plastered all over the place wearing this wide-bride hat designed by my friend Gladys Tamez. And she looks pretty fabulous.

The Daily Mail compared Kim's look to Cher circa 1970, but I think we all know the hat is totally Bianca.

(Gladys does custom and she ♥'s weddings, if you are needing some net and perhaps a few silk flowers.)

Photo by via StyleBistro


  1. Wasn't there a to-be-wed a while ago who was looking for a hat? A la this?

    Please just make this a one-time thing. Not sure if I can deal. But it IS in the interest of your friend.

  2. Cher? Really?

    Another reason never to link to the evil.

  3. Listen, I know we all love to hate on the Kim, and I avoid posting anything related, but I will bregudgingly concede, girl has style.

    Also, congrats your friend Gladys, here's to hoping her sales go through the roof.

  4. You totally did your friend a solid by posting, but I have to tell you my near-total ignorance of these Kardashian people is precious to me and difficult to maintain, and you've chipped away at it just a little today.

  5. Is that her sister standing next to her? She looks like a wax figurine, except that those wax figurines are usually more life-like.

  6. What's up with Kim's off-white, control-top granny panties? It looks like she matched her bag to her Spanx. It's ruining the look for me.

    Nice hat, though. xo.