Monday, October 17, 2011

g'morning, you guys.

I just stirred my coffee with a fork.

To say our house is in chaos post-arrival-home-from-Vancouver would be an understatement. Also: We may or may not have contracted SARS from a director just back from Argentina who coughed all over us at the VIFF closing gala.

KIDDING. But if I don't get rid of this cold before I fly to New York on Friday I'm gonna be p-i-s-s-e-d.

Bwahahaha. I HATE that bloggers feel the need to inform their readers each and every time they contract any sort of virus. (My theory: It's a captive audience. And NO ONE ELSE CARES.)

But now I went and did it.

At least I didn't describe my phlegm.

(Pony photo courtesy of the lovely fieldguided.)


  1. two cloves of garlic, one gallon of orange juice, & a tea spoon of cider vinegar every morning till Friday & you'll be as good as new.

    I'm glad you had a good tim in VC. I want to see your film.

  2. @Lauren my flem isn't actually that bad. yet. i just hate when ppl describe their FLEM, knowwhatimsaying?

    but i will take this prescription under advisement.

  3. I'd rather hear about your cold over the internet than while your sitting next to me. The internet doesn't do that kind of contagious.

  4. You mean phlegm. I hope you feel better super soon!

  5. @Susan muuuuuuuch bettah. and: what a great word.

  6. I think half my blog posts are about bodily secretions and viral illnesses. That's the problem with writing about my life, when I don't have one.

  7. i love to write about my sicknesses. what's better than spreading the misery?