Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have the coolest readers.


I wanted to write and thank you for your blog. In planning my wedding, it was invaluable - not necessarily for any particular piece of advice or info but for the overall attitude and community.

I am a designer and wannabe party stylist, so I follow the wedding design blogs, too, but yours and APW are the ones that kept me sane; the ones that helped me stop day-long internet searches and settle on a dress that maybe wasn't "the one" but that I loved and was in my price range; the ones that helped me and my husband write our ceremony and vows. Your blog helped me to appreciate that the ceremony IS the most important part of the day and they helped me to really (truly) let go of the projects that weren't done and to give up some control to friends and family that wanted to help. For all of this (and more), I'm thankful. 

I saw the link Meg @ APW shared the other day from a photographer urging bloggers to showcase ALL weddings, the average bride. While I don't agree that the wedding blogs focused on design and styling are under any obligation to feature these typical weddings, I do hope that more blogs spring up like yours that help all brides feel special, understood and a part of a more interesting community.

Thanks again for your humor and independent spirit,

P.S. If you are at all curious, my husband and I got married @ a sleep-away camp in Michigan on October 1st. Aside from the ceremony, my favorite part of the weekend was the Friday night talent show (think spoken word "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" and a re-enactment of the bee-girl dance from "No Rain").

We had some cliche things like mason jar mugs, bunting and a photobooth but we did NOT have a bridal party, bouquet toss or cake cutting. We didn't intend to have a first dance either but our DJ friend played some slow song of his own choosing and forced it on us. I wore shoes and accessories I already owned and did our flowers myself (well, with the help of my generous friends). We did not have a budget wedding but we spent all of our money on things like bedsheets and custom targets for the rifle range.

// end over-share //



You rule.

♥ ♥ ♥,

(Hipstamatic photos 1-5: Renee Prisble, Instagram photo 6: emyduck)


  1. That is the awesome-ist use of bunting I have ever seen.

  2. i love these people.
    i also love camp.

  3. over-share enjoyed ...and I agree, ESB, you totally kept me in the whole badass state of mind while planning our wedding. you're invaluable.

  4. that open letter in the link is AMAZING.

  5. This is fantastic, and I totally agree. ESB, and the community here let me laugh at myself when I realized I was over obsessing about silly things,when I was planning my wedding, and just let go of things that weren't important. I also feel like there is something in the air out there in wedding blog land that makes brides feel less special that others if they can't, and don't want to do things like all of the brides in the amazing glossy pictures. It has been the weddings I have seen here that have stuck with me the most, where the brides were able to be really present at there wedding, and enjoy themselves rather than worrying whether the pinwheels on the cupcakes were turning the right way.

  6. And THAT my friends, is how bunting is done. Suggesting chaos at the limits.

  7. LOVE this! Thanks.

  8. YAYYY! She sent me this email too (Hillary, we caught you), and these pictures are *perfect.*

  9. Meg - I tried to email you both at the exact same time but I couldn't find an email address for you. I had to use the contact form on APW.

    Others - I can't believe I'm getting bunting love on ESB (WEDDING TREND). I made the bunting at the front of the ceremony site (covering the electrical box) and the husband hung it. He made the bunting/banner piece that's hanging behind us.