Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Help me shop: from frumpy to FOXY!

Dear ESB,

I have three weddings coming up (not mine, I'm already married) and I have nothing to wear. I know. What a stereotypical thing to say! Thing is that it's actually true. 

I had a baby a little while ago (ok, his first birthday is in about two weeks) and I haven't exactly got back in shape since then. I've also had a real lifestyle change to being a stay at home mum and, to be honest, have been in enough denial about my body that I haven't really shopped for it. All of these issues need remedying on their own but, in the meanwhile, I have to go to these weddings, and I'd like to look foxy. Especially as one of the weddings is actually a good old friend of my husband's and he'll be on tour so I have to go alone! Well, alone with the baby. 

I was hoping that you and your readers could help me scour the Internet for an appropriate outfit. I've been looking but I think I'm putting too much pressure on myself to find something perfect. Each wedding will be attended by three completely separate groups of friends, so I'm trying to get away with one outfit for all three weddings. 

I live in the southernmost part of Australia so, while it's spring, it's not uber hot. I'm an Australian size 12 (US size 8) and really quite short (I think I'm 5.3, but it might be just under that), with size 38 feet. I'm also curvy.

I don't mean curvy as fat, although I've already told you that I'm a bit of a chunker at the mo, I mean curvy as in I have massive boobs and a big butt, but tend to be a bit smaller in the waist. The other thing to keep in mind is boob access. I'm still breastfeeding so, while I can probably get away without easy access, if I am able to just pop out a boob my life is easier. I know this is probably a very different body than most of your readers are used to shopping for but I figured that, if anyone could help, it would be you ladies!

Hope you can help!

From One Mumsy Aussie

p.s. I'm pretty shy, so I feel like a dork for writing to you, but I really am desperate for help.


A fab reader sourced this Dote Noir Maxi Nursing/Maternity Dress for herself when I failed to respond to a similar query.

I think you should rock the short version with blue suede pumps.*

I mean. GREAT BOOBS + GREAT SHOES? What more do you need??

Top image: Palm store via Aasia Abbas via Elizabeth

*Thanks, Melissa!


  1. Oh, I'm with ESB 100% on this one.

  2. If you want to go longer, how 'bout this...

  3. Check out baby wearing:
    http://sakurabloom.com/ (there are many brands, these ones are pretty) - maybe any scarf will do - but I think there is a trick to it (my friend in the UK teaches baby wearing lessons). I just think it looks gorgeous as well as being practical.

    Other than that, I'd add a belt to the above dress, and maybe some huge earrings.

  4. Great dress and killer shoes (your welcome) Maybe a necklace to top it off.

  5. I wore these earrings with it http://polli.com.au/earrings-1/stainless-steel/ss-elm-earrings and it worked really well with shoes I already had similar but not quite to the ones up there. The dress has plenty of give and is super soft and comfortable. Just make sure you pick a size that's not tight across the boobs if you're breastfeeding or it will be hard to use the access panels.

  6. That is the nicest nursing dress that I've ever seen! Most of them are at best a bit mumsy, and at worst totally fug.

    Those shoes are gorgeous too! I also like these ones.

    @Acts of Beauty, those slings are so much prettier than my sling! Maybe I will buy the babe and me one as an early Christmas gift.

    Thankyou for the help ESB (and co)!! Seems I won't be wearing my yoga pants afterall. phew!