Sunday, July 27, 2008

Say Anything

#2 - Just a quick tip to tide y'all over while our favorite bride is on the road.

Your wedding should be a time when you are surrounded by love. It's also a chance for all your favorite people to get to know each other and to better understand the roles we play in your lives. For these reasons (and 'cause it's tradition and I'm an old fashioned girl), you should encourage people to toast you!

I have been to more than one wedding where the only toast came from the bride or the groom and it's depressing. It's a lost opportunity when you have all these people gathered and we don't get to hear your dad's voice crack or watch your brother make a joke at your expense or see your best friend screw up her courage and say that she's really happy for you.

I understand if you don't want the toast to turn in to a roast, but asking one or two dependable (read: not drunk) folks to say a few words adds a lot to the day. And, I would guess, the memories will make a lasting impression because they are the moments you didn't get to plan.


  1. Great note about the toast. I was at a wedding a few years ago and the father of the bride was so drunk he kept referring the bride as his new "step daughter" instead of "daughter-in-law." I was so embarrassed for him!

    Shannon, the Virtual Bridesmaid
    Viddia Wedding Community