Thursday, July 10, 2008

carrots are my friends

We just hit the one-month mark and I resolved to go on a mini-cleanse diet. Not to lose weight, just to beautify.

So my coworkers decide to go on a field trip for macarons. And my favorite blond brings Dove bars to my house.

But I will prevail.

(Photo by strph)


  1. what kind of cleanse?
    I did the master cleanse a month ago, only for a week, but it felt great.

  2. For the moment, I'm just cutting out sugar + fried snacks. (I'm wheat-free, and I have a weakness for potato chips.) Cutting down on cheese. And upping the brown rice/fruit&veg/water!

    Those full-on cleanses are tough, man. I honestly can't function if you take away my protein.

  3. Hmmm, I'm trying to drink more water but that's about as far as it goes with me!

    I cut out everything good from my diet for health reasons for about two years and I just can't give it all up again!

    Carrots are good though, much better than macaroons!

  4. Wow... I couldn't do it. I am trying to eat better but in general I usually solve these things by upping the exercise.

    My mom's also wheat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, etc (I call her "everything-free") for health reasons, and she tried to cut back on her salt intake as well... and then decided she couldn't cut out ONE MORE THING. Poor mom...

  5. You guys, I broke down and ate two mini Dove bars last night.

    They weren't even good :s