Thursday, July 24, 2008

Introducing: I'd rather be a bridesmaid

My oldest friend in the world drove down from San Francisco last weekend to co-host my bachelorette party. (That's her in the rabbit fur. I'm rocking the orange parka.)

Not only was she instrumental in making the entire weekend fabulous, she had some great down-and-dirty wedding-planning advice that I begged her to share with everyone.

So.... I'd rather be a bridesmaid will be posting now and then, offering wisdom gleaned from many years of participating in indie, artsy, and maybe even a few (gasp) conventional weddings.

She might give us some beauty tips too. I've already started using the organic skincare products she brought me from work, even though she warned me not to start a new regime right before the wedding. (Hey, my skin has never looked better.)



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