Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tell a teacher or another adult you trust

I'm flattered to be here. I haven't been in as many weddings as some ladies; those sorority girls stack 'em like cord wood! But I have been up and down the aisle enough times to know a few things. These tips are in no particular order, they're just advice from the perspective of a member of the wedding who knows this day is all about you and who wants to make your wedding dreams come true. (I really am that sentimental.)

#1 - Tell someone your plans; your maid of honor, your mom, the caterer, someone! Or, even better, write them down...with diagrams.

Leading up to and on the wedding day there will be many idle hands willing to work. And, despite your best intentions, you will NOT be available to guide them. I promise, you will be getting your hair done or deliberating over which shoes or fighting with your mom.

We need to know:
which chores need to get done - finish the favors, hang the twinkle lights, buy the ice

where things should go - how many chairs go around each table, where do we hide the computer

when everything is supposed to happen - is someone supposed to come out on the dance floor during your first dance to serenade you

and, most importantly, your priorities - what is the thing that must happen in order to make your day perfect and what can we let slide if we really run out of time?

Examples of bad planning I have witnessed:

the collection of antique dishes that had not been taken out of their ebay shipping box until an hour before the reception - thank god there was a dishwasher at the wedding site

the dirty bathroom with no toilet paper and no soap - a roll of paper towels sufficed

curtains being mistaken for tablecloths until 20 minutes before the guests arrived - good eye, Joanne!

the best man not being warned he should have a toast prepared - that one was just depressing.


  1. Note to H-town: Call the best man. Tonight.

    You rock!

  2. Great advice, thanks.

    Although... if our best man forgot to make his speech I don't think it would be such bad news!

  3. Good advice!!

    East Side: there's a long story behind why we didn't choose a color and let the bridesmaids choose their own dress...and it pretty much hinged on the future sister in law. Who also did not like the first style of dress, until I decided to change styles. Ugh!
    I'm having 4 bridesmaids. My 2 sisters will wear one dress, and my friend and future sister in law will wear another style. Hopefully, they'll all be happy now. ;-)

    See, there - I've told another adult my plans!! ;-)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Riley, she sounds like a nightmare. Bet you didn't even want her in your bridal party - what's with this tradition of his sister is suddenly supposed to be your new best friend, anyway?

    This will make you laugh: my MOH who just had a baby and is freaking out b/c nothing fits called yesterday to tell me she bought 14 dresses to be tried on and returned (this is two weeks before the wedding, keep in mind) and was modeling them for her husband to pick one. But it's finally settled. Phew.